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ZoomCharts Steps Up Big Data Analytics Offering

by on March 31, 2016

There is more relational and network data out there than we can even comprehend. These endless lists of data, however, are useless if we cannot make sense of them. Because of this, it should be no surprise that the data visualization market is booming and growing rapidly. ZoomCharts specializes in data visualization and has come up with new, interactive services to explore relational and network datasets.

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Zoomcharts – Endless Analytical Possibilities

ZoomCharts’ main goal is to minimize the often humongous gap between data and users. The company believes that data should be easy to explore thanks to data visualization. According to ZoomCharts, users should have the opportunity to not only see the bigger picture of their data, but to zoom in on certain parts of the data as well. The possibilities should be endless. This is why the company has come up with dynamic and interactive data analysis services.

Janis Volbergs, CEO of ZoomCharts stated: 

“Where the story of static charts ends, ZoomCharts just begins. Interactivity of data visualization allows us to start with the big picture to understand the context and then zoom in on details to find answers.”

The new business services are available since November 2015 and help companies make better decisions while saving them a lot of valuable time. The software is integrated easily and very user-friendly. Furthermore, the beautiful and interactive animations add a little bit of a fun factor as well. ZoomCharts’ software is compatible with all devices and browsers. A lifetime ZoomCharts license with premium support and access to all charts costs US$1,199, a monthly subscription with basic support costs just $ 59 a month. You can view an interactive demo of the software here.

“We are seeing our customers primarily focusing on network visualization and exploration; in fact, more than 40% of them use it. This makes sense as network visualization and exploration can help our customers better understand their internal value chains, organizational structures and dependencies and so much more. With chart-on-chart technology, customers can quickly and easily access many dimensions of data. Decision making becomes quick and efficient. Beautiful animations enliven the otherwise static world of data”

Data is used in pretty much any sector, from the financial sector to healthcare to banks. In the healthcare sector, for example, time is of the utmost essence. Diagnosing and treating a patient often takes too long. This is why e-health was created. This includes collecting data from patients to help them more rapidly through an app. This, however, is only one of the many uses of big data.

Without data, companies are blind. With data, however, they might see ‘too much’. It is important that companies use the right tools to help them understand and visualize their data. In doing so, certain conclusions can be reached that can help better the company’s products and /or services or even how the company brands itself.

Source: ZoomCharts press release

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