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bitcoin JP Morgan

Bitcoin Has Recovered, Dimon Has Not

by Samuel Raeon October 10, 2017
J.P. Morgan chief Jamie Dimon has earned his fair share of criticism in the bitcoin space over the last couple of months and rightly so – his suggestion that bitcoin is a fraud compounded action seen on the back of Chinese regulatory action and sent the price of bitcoin tumbling throughout September. Bitcoin has now […]
Fintechist Europe ATM Black Box Attacks

Mounting Number of ATM Black Box Attacks in Europe is Worrisome

by JP Buntinxon October 6, 2017
It is no secret automated teller machines are of great interest to criminals and gangs. Especially in Europe, attacks against these devices are on the rise. The so-called black box attacks are definitely on the rise throughout 2017 in spectacular fashion. This attack revolves around attaching a device to ATMS as a way to force […]

Fintechist Wholesale Payments Fraud

Wholesale Payments Fraud Task Force Starts Making Progress on Guidelines

by JP Buntinxon September 30, 2017
No one will deny central banks all over the world have their work cut out for them. The Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures acknowledges some critical problems. Obtain the security of wholesale payments is now one of the top priorities. This is much easier said than done, though. Everyone wants to avoid another Bangladesh […]

Now It’s JP Morgan That’s A Fraud And The Courts Say It’s Official

by Samuel Raeon September 27, 2017
This time a few weeks ago, JP Morgan head Jamie Dimon now infamously (in the bitcoin space, at least) offered up his feelings on bitcoin and the cryptocurrency sector as a whole at an industry conference. His comments basically outlined the fact that he feels bitcoin is a fraudulent asset, if an asset at all, […]

Fintechist Fraud Prevention ai Corporation

The ai Corporation and Quatrro Join Forces to Fight Fraud in the US

by JP Buntinxon September 7, 2017
Detecting and preventing fraud in the financial sector is rather challenging. Criminals get more crafty in this regard every single week. Companies such as the ai Corporation have to come with adequate solutions. Through a new partnership with Quatrro, fraud detection will become a lot easier. More unique solutions in this regard are direly needed. […]
Fintechist Identity Fraud UK

Identity Fraud Reports in the UK Rise by 5% Compared to 2016

by JP Buntinxon August 24, 2017
The United Kingdom has always been subject to high levels of identity fraud. With a growing focus on non-cash payments, that isn’t entirely surprising. According to Cifas, identity fraud has reached record levels in the first half of 2017. This is quite a problematic development, to say the least. Most of this fraud occurs online, […]