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Fintechist IG Group Ethereum Trading

IG Group Provides Ethereum Trading Opportunities to Institutional Investors

by JP Buntinxon August 21, 2017
Ethereum is one of the few cryptocurrencies to gain actual traction. More specifically, its native currency Ether is of great interest to financial institutions. IG Group, a global force in the world of online trading, enabled Ether trading earlier today. This allows speculators to take a position without effectively buying Ethereum outright. It is a […]
Fintechist Ethereum Wallet Integrates Support for Ethereum and ShapeShift

by JP Buntinxon August 17, 2017
It is always interesting to see existing cryptocurrency wallet service integrate support for more currencies. In the case of, the only supported currency was Bitcoin. That is no longer the case, as Ethereum is now supported as well. This change is quite surprising, to say the least. It is evident wallet providers will need […]

Synereo NFX Dapps

Silicon Valley Powerhouse NFX Favors Synereo over Ethereum For Dapps Development

by JP Buntinxon October 1, 2016
Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and developers have been talking about creating a decentralized web for quite some time now. For the longest time, it seemed the Ethereum ecosystem would be the best option to achieve this goal. But NFX is not looking at Ethereum, as they plan to use the Synereo Blockchain 2.0 to create a decentralized […]
Epicenter Bitcoin Podcast

Epicenter Bitcoin Podcast Rebrands To Epicenter

by JP Buntinxon September 5, 2016
Podcasts are an excellent way to spread the word on Bitcoin all over the world. With so many different offerings available, everyone can find one they like a lot. Epicenter Bitcoin, one of the longer running cryptocurrency podcasts, will undergo a name change. They will now use the name Epicenter, as they recently branched out […]

Ethereum Mixing Service

A Decentralized Ethereum Mixing Service Offers Appealing Benefits

by JP Buntinxon September 5, 2016
Mixing services are a way to provide Bitcoin users with additional privacy. As most cryptocurrency transactions are publicly broadcasted on the blockchain, there is a lot of transparency. But not everyone wants the world to see when they receive money, or who it comes from. A new Ethereum mixing service has been proposed, but there […]
VIsa Blockchain Tech

Visa and Blockchain Tech To Conduct Distributed Ledger Trial

by JP Buntinxon September 2, 2016
Visa is one of the biggest players in the financial market today. The company is looking to strengthen its position by looking at blockchain technology. A recent partnership between Visa and Blockchain Tech heralds a new era of settlement. Making banking transactions more secure and efficient is the primary objective. Blockchain technology can transform all […]