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Fintechist_CAD-Coin Bitcoin DLT

CAD-Coin Could Become Canada’s Answer To Bitcoin

by JP Buntinxon June 18, 2016
Various financial institutions around the world are working on grasping blockchain technology and what it can do. The Bank of Canada is working on issuing their own digital currency. Unlike Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency, CAD-Coin will be centralized and controlled. This project is a collaboration between Canadian banks and the R3 blockchain consortium. […]
Fintechist_New Money Sollars Solcert

Solcert Token Heralds The Era of New Money

by JP Buntinxon April 19, 2016
This is a sponsored story, paid for by the New Money team.  Always invest at your own risk.  Various projects are going on in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency that are not just focusing on creating a new coin. New Money is one of those initiatives, as they envision a better world of […]


Digital Currency Gambling – Crypto-Games

by JP Buntinxon April 6, 2016
Digital currency and gambling are often seen as a golden combination, as global availability and privacy protection seem to go hand-in-hand with online betting. Of the many digital currency casinos and online gambling platforms out there, Crypto-Games is one of the most respected offerings in the world. Their support for Bitcoin and the other main […]
Fintechist_Japan Fintech

Japan Plans Regulatory Overhaul To Stimulate Fintech Efforts

by JP Buntinxon March 28, 2016
Interesting things are bound to happen in Japan over the next few months, as the country is looking to ease up on regulation for financial innovation. Considering how Japan is one of the world’s largest economies, it only makes sense to embrace the Fintech revolution sooner rather than later. With more lenient investment regulation, individual […]

Fintechist_Microsoft Store Bitcoin

Microsoft Store Continues To Accept Bitcoin After Confusing Reports

by JP Buntinxon March 15, 2016
There was a fair bit of confusion over the past few days when news broke regarding the Microsoft Store no longer accepting Bitcoin payments for an unknown reason. Many mainstream media outlets reported on the issue, but it looks like the whole story was just one big misunderstanding. Microsoft has no plans to drop Bitcoin […]

Destiny Wants To Change Finance And Cryptography

by JP Buntinxon March 5, 2016
This is a sponsored story, paid for by the Destiny team.  Always invest at your own risk.  There are various alternative forms of digital currency, and most of them try to bring something entirely new to the table. Destiny – the coin, not the person – is one of those currencies that sees itself more […]