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bPay Loop

bPay Loop Brings Contactless Payment Support To Any Wrist Device

by JP Buntinxon July 11, 2016
Wearable technology does not seem to be an immediate success to boost contactless payments. In fact, there is a lingering question of how useful wearable technology is to the average consumer. For those who do not want to make the switch just yet, Barclays has come up with nifty solutions. Their new bPay loop lets […]
Fintechist_Fintech AI Chatbot

The Value of A Financial AI Chatbot in Fintech

by JP Buntinxon May 4, 2016
Although a lot of Fintech companies are looking at robo-advisors right now, several banks around the world are experimenting with chatbots for financial services. Barclays Africa is among the first banks to combine a chatbot with artificial intelligence in the financial world, but does this concept hold any measure of viability in the Fintech sector? […]