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Creditbit Support Will Come to the Jaxx Wallet Soon

by JP Buntinxon May 22, 2017
Creditbit users have plenty of things to be excited about already. A ton of projects are being developed which will bring more allure to the overall ecosystem. Moreover, the Jaxx wallet will soon integrate CRB support as well. All of this goes to show Creditbit is here to say, and the ecosystem will continue to […]
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CRB Enters Consolidation Mode Before Upward Trend to US$1

by JP Buntinxon May 18, 2017
Things are looking somewhat bullish for the CRB price as of right now. Although the value per CRB is still below US$1, there was some upward momentum this week. The value per CRB briefly hit over US$0.9 this week, although it now seems to consolidate around US$0.8. There is still enough time for investors to […]
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Finalized Creditbit White Paper Has Been Released

by JP Buntinxon May 16, 2017
It has been coming for some time now, but the wait is finally over. The final version of the Creditbit white paper is now available. As most people may recall, Charlie Shrem provided feedback on this document. The paper also explains what Creditbit is all about and how Credit 2.0 shakes up things. It also […]

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Never Overlook Creditbit’s CRB Token When Investing in Digital Assets

by JP Buntinxon May 15, 2017
It has been quite an exciting week for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. A lot of digital assets gained and lost value in the process. Creditbit has seen its fair share of losses, although the asset is looking to bounce back. As more money enters the cryptocurrency world, things can get very interesting in the coming weeks. CRB […]
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Buy Creditbit Now Before It Jumps Back to Over US$1 per CRB!

by JP Buntinxon May 10, 2017
During these times of extreme Bitcoin value gains, it is important to keep diversifying one’s portfolio. Creditbit still makes for an excellent investment while the price remains below US$1. Right now, one CRB is valued at US$0.0968, but there is nothing preventing it from going over the US$1.25 mark in the near future. The community […]
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Now is a Good Time to Diversify Your Crypto Portfolio With Creditbit

by JP Buntinxon May 8, 2017
Investors are flocking to cryptocurrency as they don’t want to miss out. Everyone wants to make a profit quickly and strike it rich. There are many opportunities abound, yet CreditBit is one of the most interesting ones. The value has retraced slightly, yet there is no reason to believe it can’t hit US$1.5 again soon. […]