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Fintech Banks may Face Additional Requirements due to Revised ECB Guidelines

by JP Buntinxon September 22, 2017
It is evident the banking sector faces major threats on all fronts. Digital money, mobile payments, cryptocurrencies, and DLT are just some of the competitors right now. There are also fintech banks, which often pose a legitimate challenge to the rest of the financial sector. If it is up to the European Central Bank, however, […]
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European Commission to pay More Attention to Fintech due to Supervisory Shakeup

by JP Buntinxon September 20, 2017
Financial technology has never been a primary concern for the European Commission.That has always been surprising considering how other regions pay a lot of attention to fintech. Thanks to a supervisory shakeup, that situation is now coming to change. More specifically, the EC wants to focus on new technology developments and fintech. A more than […]

Domain Registration Is Now Anonymous With Njalla

by Samuel Raeon September 20, 2017
Anybody with a certain degree of technological savvy will likely already be aware of the peer-to-peer file transfer system that is run through the BitTorrent protocol and is commonly referred to as torrenting. For those not familiar with this term, it’s the way people download movies, games, audio files, all that sort of thing for […]

Japanese GMO Is Turning Bitcoin Mining On Its Head

by Samuel Raeon September 14, 2017
Earlier this week, we learned that a Japanese company was setting up to revolutionize the bitcoin mining space with the creation of its own mining technology and an injection of capital to the tune of around $300 million. By way of a press conference that took place on Wednesday, we now have some of the […]

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Here’s Why This Dip In The Bitcoin Price Doesn’t Matter

by Samuel Raeon September 13, 2017
What a ride we are having in the cryptocurrency space right now. It was just a couple of weeks ago that certain portions of the market were reeling over missing out on the meteoric summer rise in price and wondering whether we would ever see another correction. Fast forward to one week ago and the […]

Here’s What The Chiasso Development Means For Bitcoin

by Samuel Raeon September 11, 2017
A small town in Switzerland is attempting to leverage the explosive rise of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space as a whole over the last 12 months and, in doing so, attempting to become a global epicenter of the cryptocurrency revolution. Chiasso, population of around 8,000 at last count, is a municipality in the district of […]