Fintechist Australian Regulators Digital Currency

Australian Regulators Will Focus on Digital Currencies and Identity

by JP Buntinxon August 23, 2017
Australian regulators have their work cut out for them. Not only will they focus on cryptocurrencies, but they also keep tabs on digital identity and regtech. All of these topics will be addressed by regulators in the months to come. A recent meeting of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Payment Systems Board seems to confirm […]
Fintechist Central Banks Cryptocurency

Central Banks Ignoring Cryptocurrencies Will Become Obsolete

by JP Buntinxon August 20, 2017
It is evident central banks do not like cryptocurrencies all that much. In fact, they are looking to create their own centralized digital currencies moving forward. On paper, it makes a lot of sense to take this approach. However, missing out on cryptocurrency is not in the best interest of central banks either. When consumers […]

Fintechist Barclays Sensors Bankers

Barclays Deploys Sensors to Track Bankers’ Time Spent Behind Their Desks

by JP Buntinxon August 20, 2017
Financial technology is coming to the financial sector in many different ways. Payments will never be the same in a few years from now. However, banks and financial institutions have to implement other changes as well Barclays, for example, will use sensors to see when their personnel are at their desks. This is a rather […]
Fintechist Debit Card Fraud US

Debit Card Fraud in the United States Finally Starts to Decline

by JP Buntinxon August 16, 2017
Debit card fraud in the US is finally on the decline. It has taken quite a bit of time until this development took place. Now that more payments occur through chip authentication rather than swiping, things evolve in the right direction. It is only normal chip-based debit card payments are more secure. Reduced financial losses […]

Fintechist Apple Pay Beijing Public Transportation

Beijing’s Public Transportation Will not use Apple Pay Anytime Soon

by JP Buntinxon August 16, 2017
Apple has big expectations regarding their Chinese expansion. However, the company has seen those expectations tampered already. The technology giant refuses to grant access to their iPhone’s NFC function. This also means no one can use Apple Pay as a payment service for public transportation in Beijing. As a result, Yikatong launched its contract payment […]
Fintechist Mobile Payments Fraud

Mobile Payments Fraud can Become a US$25bn Industry in the Coming Years

by JP Buntinxon August 14, 2017
In the world of finance, companies and service providers are looking for new solutions. Mobile payments are often touted as the next big thing in the industry. Unfortunately, these types of transactions are also subject to a high degree of fraud. In fact the year 2015 was a horrible year for mobile payments fraud. Solving […]