Fintechist World Bank Blockchain Hype

World Bank President Confirms the Blockchain Hype is Very Real

by JP Buntinxon October 15, 2017
The World Bank has made some interesting announcements as of late, to say the very least. A few weeks ago, they advised other banks not to ignore Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Earlier this week, President Jim Yong Kim confirms everyone is “optimistic” about blockchain technology. It is only a matter of time until the financial sector […]
Fintechist Swift DLT Trial

Swift Successfully Completes Interbank DLT Trial

by JP Buntinxon October 13, 2017
The blockchain industry has seen many opponents and proponents. Surprisingly enough, Swift is quite keen on DLT as we speak. While they are not entirely convinced of its potential, a recent proof-of-concept yielded positive results. These DLT apps can deliver business functionalities and data richness. In the ideal world, they may even support real-time liquidity […]

Fintechist Europe ATM Black Box Attacks

Mounting Number of ATM Black Box Attacks in Europe is Worrisome

by JP Buntinxon October 6, 2017
It is no secret automated teller machines are of great interest to criminals and gangs. Especially in Europe, attacks against these devices are on the rise. The so-called black box attacks are definitely on the rise throughout 2017 in spectacular fashion. This attack revolves around attaching a device to ATMS as a way to force […]

Malta Is Trying To Revolutionize Education With Blockchain

by Samuel Raeon October 3, 2017
Malta has, for some time now, been regarded as an island that is incredibly friendly towards bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space in general. As far back as the start of this year, reports started hitting press that the nation’s government was looking for ways to promote blockchain adoption across a variety of different areas of […]

Fintechist Milan Fintech Hub

Milan is Home to Italy’s First Fintech Hub

by JP Buntinxon October 1, 2017
It will come as a big surprise to many people to learn there was no Italian fintech hub. If there is one European country direly in need of financial innovation it is Italy. With its flailing banks and growing debt, new solutions are needed soon. Milan is now home to the nation’s first fintech hub, […]
Fintechist ECB Fintech Banks

Fintech Banks may Face Additional Requirements due to Revised ECB Guidelines

by JP Buntinxon September 22, 2017
It is evident the banking sector faces major threats on all fronts. Digital money, mobile payments, cryptocurrencies, and DLT are just some of the competitors right now. There are also fintech banks, which often pose a legitimate challenge to the rest of the financial sector. If it is up to the European Central Bank, however, […]