Domain Registration Is Now Anonymous With Njalla

by Samuel Raeon September 20, 2017
Anybody with a certain degree of technological savvy will likely already be aware of the peer-to-peer file transfer system that is run through the BitTorrent protocol and is commonly referred to as torrenting. For those not familiar with this term, it’s the way people download movies, games, audio files, all that sort of thing for […]

Prime-Ex Perpetual Announces ICO Project for Residential Real Estate in Panama

by Yashu Golaon September 14, 2017
Prime-Ex Perpetual, a blockchain-based real estate solutions company, has announced the crowdsale of PEX, its institutionalized token. The Panama-based company, which aims to simplify the entire home buying process for customers, wants to do so by removing traditional barriers. Its business model proposes to achieve efficiencies in scope and scale by encouraging organic PEX demand. […]

Fintechist India Fintech Panel

Indian Securities Regulator Launches Fintech Panel to Embrace Innovation

by JP Buntinxon August 5, 2017
Fintech panels are slowly becoming the new norm all over the world. Every nation in the world acknowledges financial innovation will materialize in one way or another. India’s securities regulator is setting up a fintech panel as we speak. This panel will help the application of technology in local financial markets. An interesting decision that […]

Viberate Introduces Blockchain-Based Live Music Ecosystem

by JP Buntinxon July 20, 2017
Blockchain technology is likely to kickstart a revolution in the music industry. Over the recent years, ideas to remove financial intermediaries and replace it with an automated payment system have been transformed into platforms with inbound investments. It is a great time for the artists, for they could be part of something really revolutionary, to […]

Fintechist_Singapore Switzerland Fintech Treaty

Singapore and Switzerland Sign Treaty To Bolster Fintech Innovation

by JP Buntinxon September 13, 2016
A new agreement between Singapore and Switzerland will focus on Fintech regulation. Regulators from both countries decided to cooperate, allow startups to flourish. Regulation in the fintech sector can be a good thing, but too many startups are encumbered by strict guidelines. This new agreement should alleviate some of those concerns. The Monetary Authority of […]
FutureVault Digital Collaboration

FutureVault Is A Secure Solution That Changes The Way Business Is Conducted

by JP Buntinxon September 9, 2016
Digital collaboration is a new trend that also seems to expand into the world of financial services FutureVault, one of the companies active in this space, lets users digitally deposit, store, and manage important documents. These can range from personal to financial and even legal files. Everything is kept secure thanks to a cloud-based SaaS […]