Bitcoin Unlimited Network Nodes

Number Of Bitcoin Unlimited Network Nodes Reaches All-time High

by JP Buntinxon September 15, 2016
The Bitcoin Unlimited development fork continues to attract a lot of attention as of late. With the number of network nodes reaching an all-time high, an exciting change appears on the horizon. While this is no validation of using this development branch for the future, it goes to show there are quite a few people […]
ViaBTC Bitcoin Unlimited

World’s Sixth Largest Mining Pool Is Trialling Bitcoin Unlimited

by JP Buntinxon September 3, 2016
Bitcoin Unlimited continues to gain support from miners all over the world. Scalability for the popular cryptocurrency remains a key hurdle that needs to be overcome as soon as possible. Increasing the size immediately and without further delays is a favorable solution right now. ViaBTC, the world’s sixth largest bitcoin mining platform, is now testing […]

VIsa Blockchain Tech

Visa and Blockchain Tech To Conduct Distributed Ledger Trial

by JP Buntinxon September 2, 2016
Visa is one of the biggest players in the financial market today. The company is looking to strengthen its position by looking at blockchain technology. A recent partnership between Visa and Blockchain Tech heralds a new era of settlement. Making banking transactions more secure and efficient is the primary objective. Blockchain technology can transform all […]
Ujo Music Blockchain Music Industry

Ujo Music Still Plans To Revamp The Music Industry With Blockchain Tech

by JP Buntinxon August 30, 2016
Blockchain technology can be used for many different purposes. Although most people see it as a way to revamp finance, content creators stand to benefit a lot from it as well. Ujo Music was released one year ago, aiming to promote direct fan-to-artist payments. Despite their Tiny Human prototype release, there were still issues that […]

Synereo AMP Hype Pump

Native Synereo Currency AMP Gets Pumped Ahead of Platform Launch

by JP Buntinxon August 29, 2016
Ever since the announcement was made about the Synereo alpha release, the native currency has seen a significant price increase. AMP, as this native platform currency is called, can be traded across various exchanges. With lower trading volume, volatile price swings are not difficult to achieve. But people should not get overexcited about an alpha […]
Incent Waves Rewards

BitScan and Waves Reveal Blockchain-based Incent Reward Programme

by JP Buntinxon August 22, 2016
Reward programmes are not native to the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem just yet. BitScan, a popular business directory and merchant hub, wants to change that. The team will run a crowdfunding campaign to create a blockchain-based rewards programme, called Incent. To do so, they will partner with blockchain tokens platform Waves. BitScan has been working on […]