Fintechsit Sberbank INTERPOL Cybercrime

Sberbank Subsidiary and INTERPOL Renew Efforts to Tackle Cybercrime

by JP Buntinxon October 20, 2017
Fighting cybercrime is an ongoing struggle. Banks and law enforcement agencies need to collaborate to make it a success. Sberbank’s subsidiary BI. Zone and INTERPOL will do exactly that. A new partnership will enhance and extend collaboration on the financial cybercrime front. It is good to see such agreements come to market at such a […]
Fintechist MasterCard Blockchain API

MasterCard Announces new API for their Permissioned Blockchain

by JP Buntinxon October 20, 2017
MasterCard has always been one of the most remarkable companies in all of finance. While always second behind Visa, the company provides some innovative solutions. They have also been working on blockchain technology through in-house development. Earlier today, the company announced this blockchain will be opened to the public through API access. This is good […]

Fintechist JPMorgan Chase WePay Acquisiiton

JPMorgan Chase Acquires Silicon Valley Payment Startup WePay

by JP Buntinxon October 18, 2017
There is plenty of competition in the world of mobile payments these days. WePay is one of the major competitors in Silicon Valley right now It is not to be confused with the service maintained by the WeChat team, mind you. Surprisingly enough, it seems there is a major acquisition deal on the horizon for […]
Fintechist PayPal Venmo Retail

PayPal Brings Venmo Payments To Over 2 Million US Retailers

by JP Buntinxon October 17, 2017
Venmo is one of the most popular mobile apps in the financial sector today. Ever since being launched, Millennials have genuinely grown a liking to this app. PayPal, the parent company of Venmo, announces how there will be more functionality soon. More specifically, the app will become an accepted payment method at over two million […]

Bitcoin Or Gold? Hive Chose The Latter

by Samuel Raeon October 17, 2017
For a long time, bitcoin has been compared to gold. Perhaps this comparison is rooted in the fact that bitcoin can be “mined” and can be used as a store of value. Perhaps it’s because it’s a commodity asset as well as a potential transaction token, or a safe haven for risk-off sentiment. Whatever is […]
Fintechist Tradeshift Hyperledger Blockchain

Tradeshift Joins the Hyperledger Blockchain Consortium

by JP Buntinxon October 16, 2017
The Hyperledger blockchain consortium is firing on all cylinders. With their strong focus on the enterprise sector, they can make a lot of progress. Bringing blockchain to the business sector will not be easy by any means. Tradeshift has become the consortium’s latest member. More specifically, the company is now a premier member, which shows […]