Fintechist BitConnect

BitConnect Price Suffers From Less Volatility Than Other Currencies

by JP Buntinxon September 25, 2017
These past few days were not kind to BitConnect whatsoever. In fact, the currency has seen some of its more volatile action over the past few days. With prices ranging anywhere from $107.4 to $122.6, it is evident day traders made some nice profits. Right now, BCC is valued at $113.35, which seems to be […]
Fintechist Venezual Bitcoin

Businesses in Venezuela Flock to Bitcoin and Foreign Currencies to Stay Afloat

by JP Buntinxon September 25, 2017
Specific regions around the world stand to benefit a lot from cryptocurrencies. This is especially true during times of financial hardship. Moreover, some regions suffer from oppressive governments, which only drives more people to cryptocurrency in turn. Venezuela is one of those regions where Bitcoin is gaining traction. In fact, it is not the preferred […]

Charlie Lee Could Just Have Stopped The Bitcoin Panic Selling

by Samuel Raeon September 22, 2017
Anybody reading that is familiar with bitcoin (we are going to go out on a limb here and say that most of you probably are) as likely already come across Litecoin. For those that haven’t, it is the cryptocurrency that first hit markets back in 2011 and has since been styled as the silver to […]

Here’s Who’s Taking Dimon To Task Over His Bitcoin Comments

by Samuel Raeon September 21, 2017
That J.P. Morgan Chase boss Jamie Dimon isn’t the most popular guy in cryptocurrency right now is old news. His comments last week labeling bitcoin as fraudulent and suggesting that the cryptocurrency is doomed to long-term failure not only demonstrated that the wider banking industry is concerned about the meteoric rise of cryptocurrency and its […]

bitconnect BCC

BitConnect’s BCC Token Remains Stable at $120

by JP Buntinxon September 20, 2017
No one can deny BitConnect is a very peculiar cryptocurrency. Although there are more dips over the past few weeks than before, things will often get very interesting. The past few days have not seen any major dips, though. Right now, BCC is valued at $120.31, which is on par with its value earlier this […]
Fintechist Jamie Foxx ICO Endorsement

Jamie Foxx is the Latest Celebrity to “Endorse” a Cryptocurrency ICO

by JP Buntinxon September 19, 2017
Celebrities have started to endorse cryptocurrency ICOs in droves as of late. Floyd Mayweather is perhaps the biggest “promoter” in this regard. Actor Jamie Foxx is now following suit by hyping an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange ICO. It is evident this situation is getting out of hand by quite a margin. Especially when considering how the […]