Fintechist BitConnect

BitConnect Price Surges to $128 as Market Cap Slowly Inches Toward $1bn Mark

by JP Buntinxon August 23, 2017
It was to be expected we were going to see some BitConnect price movement. The current has gained some value in both USD and BTC markets. More specifically, one BCC is now valued at $128.74, which is a nice increase compared to Monday. It is unclear if this price momentum can be maintained, though. Slowly […]
Fintechist Australian Regulators Digital Currency

Australian Regulators Will Focus on Digital Currencies and Identity

by JP Buntinxon August 23, 2017
Australian regulators have their work cut out for them. Not only will they focus on cryptocurrencies, but they also keep tabs on digital identity and regtech. All of these topics will be addressed by regulators in the months to come. A recent meeting of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Payment Systems Board seems to confirm […]

Fintechist IRS Bitcoin Chainalysis

IRS and Chainalysis Have Been Monitoring Bitcoin Transactions For Over Two Years

by JP Buntinxon August 22, 2017
Bitcoin enthusiasts don’t always see eye-to-eye with the IRS. That is only normal, as taxation of cryptocurrencies is a bit of a problematic issue these days. It is quite interesting to know the IRS was using tools to track Bitcoin users. This tool is developed by Chainalysis, a company specialized in blockchain analysis. The tax […]

BitConnect Price Maintains the $116 Level With Relative Ease

by JP Buntinxon August 21, 2017
All is well in the world of BitConnect, as the BCC price successfully maintains the $115 mark. It is good to see this alternative currency remain stable. Other markets have been hurt by volatility over the past few days, but BitConnect is an exception. The market cap is still well below the $1bn mark, indicating […]

Fintechist IG Group Ethereum Trading

IG Group Provides Ethereum Trading Opportunities to Institutional Investors

by JP Buntinxon August 21, 2017
Ethereum is one of the few cryptocurrencies to gain actual traction. More specifically, its native currency Ether is of great interest to financial institutions. IG Group, a global force in the world of online trading, enabled Ether trading earlier today. This allows speculators to take a position without effectively buying Ethereum outright. It is a […]
Fintechist Filipino Central bank Bitcoin Exchanges

Filipino Central Bank Grants Licenses to two Cryptocurrency Exchanges

by JP Buntinxon August 21, 2017
The Philippines is a region quite prone to disruption by the fintech industry. Digital payments and even cryptocurrencies are making some big waves in this country right now. The local central bank has issued its first-ever cryptocurrency exchange licenses. This is a positive development, all things considered. It also shows the central bank wants to […]